Due to the overwhelming request for a Drug Quantity Table since retroactivity, I have put together the following for your study. It does not come out so well in these e-mails, but I do think that you can decipher the important point. The table in my next newsletter will be easier to read.




(from the Supplement to 2010 Guideline Manual – November 1, 2010)

Quantity Base                                                                                                      Offense Level

150 KG or more of Cocaine                                                                              LEVEL 38

8.4 KG or more of Cocaine Base

At least 50 KG but less than 150 KG of Cocaine                                       LEVEL 36

At least 2.8 KG but less than 8.4 KG of Cocaine Base

At least 15 KG but less than 50 KG of Cocaine                                          LEVEL 34

At least 840 G but less than 2.8 KG of Cocaine Base

At least 5 KG but less than 15 KG of Cocaine                                              LEVEL 32

At least 280 G but less than 840 G of Cocaine Base

At least 3.5 KG but less than 5 KG of Cocaine                                            LEVEL 30

At least 196 G but less than 280 G of Cocaine Base

At least 2 KG but less than 3.5 KG of Cocaine                                            LEVEL 28

At least 112 G but less than 196 G of Cocaine Base

At least 500 G but less than 2 KG of Cocaine                                              LEVEL 26

At least 28 G but less than 112 G of Cocaine Base

At least 400 G but less than 500 G of Cocaine                                            LEVEL 24

At least 22.4 G but less than 28 G of Cocaine Base

At least 300 G but less than 400 G of Cocaine                                             LEVEL 22

At least 16.8 G but less than 22.4 G of Cocaine Base

At least 200 G but less than 300 G of Cocaine                                              LEVEL 20

At least 11.2 G but less than 16.8 G of Cocaine Base

At least 100 G but less than 200 G of Cocaine                                                LEVEL 18

At least 5.6 G but less than 11.2 G of Cocaine Base

At least 50 G but less than 100 G of Cocaine                                                   LEVEL 16

At least 2.8 G but less than 5.6 G of Cocaine Base

At least 25 G but less than 50 G of Cocaine                                                       LEVEL 14

At least 1.4 G but less than 2.8 G of Cocaine Base

Less than 25 G of Cocaine                                                                                           LEVEL 12

Less than 1.4 G of Cocaine Base






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